How much is my Scrap Car, Scrap Van, Scrap Truck or Salvage Vehicle worth ?

Scrap Car Clearance will pay the best scrap car prices for your vehicle. The price you receive for your vehicle will be dependant upon several different factors including make, model, year etc. and any payment made to you will be instant.
For more detailed information then please contact us direct either by phone or via the scrap car booking form.

What defines a scrap car, scrap van, scrap truck etc. ?

Generally any vehicle which is in excess of 10 years old could be a scrap car.
If your car, van or truck is beyond economical repair then it has mostly likely come to the end of its life and it will be time for the car to be disposed of.

If the vehicle has been involved in an accident or is an MOT failure, non-runner or has other faults then it will most probably be defined as a scrap car, scrap van, scrap truck etc.

What about Other Cars, Vans, Trucks and Commercial Vehicles less than 10 years ?

In most cases these may not fall into the category of a scrap vehicle, this of course is dependant of condition, vehicle make and model.

We will offer to buy any car, van, or truck from 1 year old upwards including all accident damaged, salvage cars, write-offs and MOT failures.

You mention that I will receive full DVLA Confirmation, what does this mean exactly ?

Upon disposal of your scrap car or salvage car we will inform the DVLA that the car has been scrapped and is no longer on the road, the DVLA will then send you a letter of confirmation to let you know that this process has been successfully carried out.

You are licensed by the Environment Agency, how does this affect me when i sell my scrap car ?

The license from the Environment Agency enables us to legally carry, remove and dispose of scrap cars from their point of purchase back to the scrap yard for recycling. Without this license we would not be permitted to legally do so.
Please be wary of any company or individual who does not have this license or claims that it is unnecessary as they will not be operating within the confines of the law.

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